A Success Story

  • Total students in a Fall 2023 LC is 6,518 (5,413 first year)
  • 93.4% of all first-year students are in a learning community
  • Average one-year retention rate for LC students: 7 percentage points higher than non-LC students
  • Average six-year graduation rate for LC students: 10 percentage points higher than non-LC students
  • 93.2% of first-year students of color are in a learning community
  • 600+ LC peer mentors provide leadership
  • 84 learning community options available in fall 2023
  • 110 faculty and staff learning community coordinators
  • LC students report higher satisfaction and engagement 
  • LC students report high levels of engagement on the NSSE benchmarks
  • LC program is important for student recruitment
  • 112,022 total students have participated in LCs since 1995