Traveling Savanna Studio (sophomore)

"Living in a learning community allows you to form long-lasting connections over not just proximity, but shared interests. From taking similar classes, grabbing a bite at the dining center, or just hanging out, being part of a learning community gives you an advantage both socially and academically." -Nick Raap

Majors Eligible to Join

Landscape Architecture students in their first year in the professional program (sophomore year).

Program Description

Students travel as a group with 2-3 faculty members exploring the savanna landscape region that extends from Canada to Texas. Student enroll in 15 credits of Landscape Architecture classes and spend 6 weeks during the semester on the road visiting urban areas, national parks, and landscape architecture firms. The travel experience allows students to learn, first-hand, many different aspects of the landscape architecture program and offer the opportunity to interact with their peers and faculty on a daily basis.

Living Options


Signing up

When admitted into the professional program.


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Malinda Cooper

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