Software Engineering

Majors Eligible to Join

First-Year Software Engineering students are eligible to join.

Program Description

The Software Engineering Learning Community is a non-residential, course-based learning community program for first year software engineering students. Students will take a set of required courses with other software engineering students. In the fall semester, students will take a first-semester course, S E 101: Software Engineering Orientation. The goal of this course is to provide an engaging learning environment for first semester freshmen to learn policies, procedures and expectations at Iowa State University. Students will find resources for personal and academic success, as well as learn about educational requirements. Students will also be enrolled in common courses and participate in structured activities.

During spring semester, students will participate in S E 166: Software Engineering Careers. The goal of this course will be for students to learn of the career opportunities for Software Engineering majors and interact with potential employers. Students will continue to take common courses and participate in activities.

Living Options


Signing up

Students will have an opportunity to register for this learning community during June Orientation.


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