Natural Resource Ecology & Mgmt

Majors Eligible to Join

Forestry and Animal Ecology majors

Program Description

Our NREM Freshmen Learning Community program is a full year, residential based learning community. Students enroll in a cluster of courses that satisfy our degree requirements (Biology 2110, 2110L, 2120, and 2120L, NREM 1100, 1110 and 1200 among others). The learning community is intended to assist students in their academic pursuits by providing study groups, interactive visits with our faculty and natural resource professionals, and optional field trips and community service projects. Peer mentors (upper-class NREM students) coordinate activities and are available for advice and direction.  The group meets weekly in a classroom setting for a one-credit class (NREM 1110).

The NREM Transitions Learning Community is designed for students transferring to the department and needing the second-year series of courses (Vertebrate Biology, Ecology, Statistics, etc.) and interested sophomores continuing their studies. The NREM Transitions Learning Community is open to NREM students regardless of where they choose to live. We meet once per week in a classroom setting and have optional field trips and community service projects outside of the class time. Students earn one credit for the successful completion of this program. There are two peer mentors who are available to assist students and help coordinate study groups for common classes. 

The goals of both learning communities include developing your study skills, creating a strong sense of belonging within the department and the university, providing a positive social setting and improving your time management skills.

Living Options

Participants in the NREM Freshmen Learning Community live on a coed floor in Willow Hall. 

Members of the NREM Transitions Learning Community may choose to live on or off campus. Unlike the freshmen program the NREM Transitions Learning Community is not residential based.

Signing up

To sign up for a residential learning community, simply select your learning community preference when filling out your Department of Residence contract in the Housing portal. You can go in and update or change your learning community preference information at any time up until the deadline without losing your “priority date.” Sign up for the learning community course(s) takes place at summer orientation.

Sign up for the NREM Transitions Learning Community is done at the time of class registration. See the contact person for details and course availability.


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