Music (Esprit de Corps)

Majors Eligible to Join

Entering freshman and transfer music majors.

Program Description

"Esprit de Corps" definition: devotion to one's society, fraternity, team-spirit, fellow-feeling. This special undergraduate program will give you the opportunity to explore a music major in a uniquely supportive environment with mentoring from successful upper classmen, meetings with professors outside of class, and a comprehensive orientation program. You will have access to free tickets to attend professional concerts at Stephens Auditorium and other regional theatres and will find a close-knit support group to help you with such courses as music theory, music history, ear-training and sight-singing.

Living Options

Non-residential LC

Signing up

Eligible students should notify the Music Office (294-3831) or the Learning Community Coordinator.


Photo of Kevin Judge

Kevin Judge

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Nathan Dishman