Multicultural Vision Program (MVP)

Program Description

The Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) Scholarship is awarded to 100 incoming, multicultural freshmen students who are Iowa residents. Students are eligible to receive the full-tuition scholarship for 8 continuous semesters by maintaining their cumulative GPA at a 2.0 or higher. The MVP learning community provides students with opportunities for academic success, career development, identity development and leadership development.

Specifically the program provides:

  • First year seminar courses (PSYCH 131 and UST 102A)
  • Academic support and tutoring
  • Assessment of learning ability using the College Student Inventory (CSI)
  • Individual meetings to help students develop an integrated academic and social plan for academic success
  • Meetings with essential university offices and departments to  connect students with campus resources
  • Peer mentoring with sophomore and junior students
  • Cohort/team building activities that encourage a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Funding to support professional development (i.e. registration for professional conferences, travel expenses associated with professional conferences in a student’s major, professional organization dues)

Living Options

None currently.

Signing up

This Learning Community and its courses are only open to recipients of the MVP Award.