Majors Eligible to Join

Microbiology, Biology, Genetics or Biochemistry

Program Description

In the Microbiology learning community, students are enrolled in common course sections so you will see familiar faces between classes. A former student called Microbiology the Swiss army knife of majors, because it prepares students for such a variety of careers. So whether you know what you want to do or aren’t sure, we will help you navigate your experience in Microbiology at ISU. As you hear professors share their career path and research in the orientation course, you’ll also plan out your 4-year program of study and refine your own resume. You will get better acquainted with other Micro students and have the guidance and wisdom of current Micro students - the Micro peer mentors.

During the spring semester, Microbiology students will continue to have access to the peer mentors for guidance pertaining to academics, class questions, or a friendly person to listen to concerns. We strongly encourage students to get involved with the Micro Club, which puts on a fall Micro workshop for high school students and participates in Science Nights at local elementary schools teaching basic microbiology. They also have social events and activities including making soda, pouring jello plates, and creating agar art. Join us to learn how microbes DO rule the world. 

Living Options

Non-residential LC

Signing up

Freshman/first semester students may sign up for the learning community during their summer orientation.


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Briony Atkinson