Materials Science & Engineering

"I think the best part about joining a learning community is getting to know people who will be in your classes for pretty much your entire college career.  I met many people in my learning community, and made some amazing friends who are in most of my classes still in my Junior year, and who I get closer to every semester." MSE Peer Mentor, Jacob

Majors Eligible to Join

First-year students (direct from high school and transfer) who declare Materials Engineering as their degree program

Program Description

The Materials Science & Engineering Learning Community allows first-year students and transfer students in their first year at ISU to join the strong camaraderie and collaboration that make up the culture of the MSE department. We believe it is important and exciting to have a learning community which serves as a gateway into the MSE “family.”

The mission of the MSE learning community is to embrace and nurture all new students who declare Materials Engineering as their degree program. Since the Mat E first-year population grows as the year progresses, we are happy to operate a year-long learning community experience, as this allows us to include those students who choose Mat E as their curriculum even after the school year begins. We do this by offering clustered course options in the fall and spring semesters and by selecting upper-level Mat E students to serve as peer mentors to support those who are transitioning to ISU and the MSE department.

Living Options


Signing up

Students enroll during orientation. Please contact Andrea Klocke ( for more information.


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Andrea Klocke