Leadership through Engineering Academic Diversity (LEAD)

"Students should join a learning community because they are the foundation of your college career. Leaning communities get you involved with other students who are in the same class as you. This allows students to easily meet each other and form study groups. Learning communities are also externally important for networking and creating friendships. Interacting with students of either the same or different major allows students to form friendships that could last a lifetime. Also, the advisors of the learning community are a great network source, as they have had previous students going through the same thing you are. Learning communities helped me become the best I could be." -Michael
A student should join a learning community because it will not only provide personal development but professional development as well.  Students will make endless personal and professional connections that will ultimately lead them onto a path of success.  Students will be mentored and led by successful upperclassmen students and an instructor who has a passion to serve the learning community and provide students with the necessary resources to be successful.  I believe joining a learning community is vital to success and would highly recommend it.—Christopher

Majors Eligible to Join

Any engineering major.

Program Description

Get the LEAD edge! The LEAD Learning Community is structured to support multicultural engineering students taking basic program courses (Chemistry, Math, and Physics). 

The LEAD Living and Learning Community offers four main components:

  • Orientation courses in the fall (Engr 104) and spring (Engr 105)
  • Peer mentoring
  • A residential/living component
  • Course-clustered “learning teams”

The LEAD Learning Community is designed to assist in the development of the academic, professional and social support network of multicultural (African American, Latino/a American, Asian American, Native American, & Multi-racial) engineering students. LEAD Learning Community participants engage in professional development seminars, industrial plant visits, out-of-class community building activities, informal opportunities to interact with faculty and staff in the College of Engineering, and leadership and community service/volunteer experiences.  In addition, LEAD members are assigned academic peer mentors who facilitate daily study sessions and assist with their transition to Iowa State University and the College of Engineering.

Students who choose to participate in the residential component of the LEAD Learning Community get the added benefit of living on the same residence hall floor with other multicultural engineering students and having the support of a residential peer mentor that lives on the floor and assists in the facilitation of extra-curricular activities.  

Living Options

The LEAD Residential Learning Community is offered in conjunction with the ISU Department of Residence and is housed in Friley Hall on Meeker House.

Signing up

To sign up for a residential learning community, simply select your learning community preference when filling out your Department of Residence contract in the Housing portal. You can go in and update or change your learning community preference information at any time up until the deadline without losing your “priority date.”

Once enrolled in the residential option of the LEAD Learning Community, registration for the course-clustered learning team takes place during summer orientation in the month of June.


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LeQuetia Ancar