Kinesiology Transitions

The best part about a learning community is knowing that you’re not alone when trying to figure out how to survive as a college student – Chris M
You should join a learning community because of the networking opportunities as peers are in relevant majors and are considering related career plans…have a social network to extend beyond academic opportunities – Kyle Z.

Majors Eligible to Join

All entering transfer students and those who have recently changed their major to Kinesiology and Health or Pre-Athletic Training are automatically enrolled. 

Program Description

The purpose of this learning community is to assist new students in making a successful academic, social, and personal transition to Iowa State University and the Department of Kinesiology. Students engaged in this learning community identify as transfer students or students who have recently changed their major into the department. The learning community is affiliated with the orientation course, KIN 2530, which students complete during their first semester in the department. This course provides opportunities for career exploration, transfer credit evaluation, building an academic plan and utilizing campus resources. Upperclassmen Peer Mentors actively assist with the course, providing support and guidance to new students as they navigate Iowa State University and the Department of Kinesiology.

Living Options


Signing up

Students will register for Kin 2530 their first semester and will be part of the learning community through enrollment in this course.


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Jeff Barton

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Christina Tait