Hixson Opportunity Awards

Majors Eligible to Join

Open to Hixson Award recipients in all majors across all colleges. 

Program Description

One hundred high school seniors are selected annually from across Iowa (ideally, one from each county) to receive the Hixson Opportunity Award, which is $20,000 over eight semesters. The Hixson program strives to enhance success through student-centered learning and enrichment opportunities. 

Hixson Scholars enroll in a core course during the first fall semester to help build community. University Studies 101A: Hixson Seminar provides an introduction to life and resources at Iowa State and an orientation to the services of the Hixson Program. This course helps Hixson Award recipients adjust to college life, develop a better understanding of self, and understand learning processes. It includes a large-group lecture format and smaller recitation sections.

Students in the Hixson Program have 24-hour a day access to the Hixson Study Lab in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center complete with study lounge, computer lab, and wireless access.

Living Options

Hixson Scholars are encouraged to live in the Richardson Court neighborhood near the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center, home to the Hixson Program office. View the options at http://www.housing.iastate.edu/places/.

Signing up

U ST 101A and the Hixson Program are only open to recipients of the Hixson Opportunity Award.

To sign up for a residential learning community, simply select your learning community preference when filling out your Department of Residence contract in the Housing portal. You can go in and update or change your learning community preference information at any time up until the deadline without losing your “priority date.”


Photo of Allison Severson

Allison Severson

Director, Hixson Opportunity Awards, 1080 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center