George Washington Carver Scholarship Program (GWC)

Program Description

In addition to financial support received through the scholarship award, GWC scholars register and participate in The Carver Academy. The Carver Academy is structured to enhance, encourage, and support its participants' academic, social, and cultural activities throughout their college experience. To promote continuous learning, achievement, and integrity, the Carver Academy provides the following:

University Studies courses. The University Studies course(s) for GWC scholars are designed to help scholars adjust or adapt to student life at ISU, meet the ISU challenge of academic excellence, take advantage of opportunities that are aimed to enhance social and leadership skills, and develop an appreciation for diversity.

Academic Outreach. The Carver Academy is committed to Academic Outreach to all GWC Scholars. Whether you are having a challenging semester or a successful semester, the Carver Academy will reach out to you and provide the support you need to succeed at ISU. The Carver Academy provides one free tutoring each semester, advising, and connecting students to the support services on campus. 

Personal Crisis Intervention. The Carver Academy is also available when students are in crisis. Personal Crisis Intervention is provided to support students when they are going through a difficult situation in their lives.

Involvement Opportunities There are many involvement opportunities on campus and the Carver Academy encourages students to get involved.

Professional Development Fund. Carver Scholars are able to request funding for professional development. Funds are available on a first-come first-serve basis. For more information, please contact the Multicultural Student Affairs Office.

Career Exploration. The Carver Academy works with the Career Exploration Center to organize Career Exploration workshops to help prepare students for their Future Careers. The Carver also work with coorporation such as Cargill to provide internship opportunities for Carver Scholars

Living Options

This is a non-residential learning community.

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This Learning Community and its courses are only open to recipients of the George Washington Carver Scholarship.