Electrical Engineering

Majors Eligible to Join

Open to all majors, the emphasis of the problems and demos are based on interesting problems in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Program Description

EELC offers a great environment to know your peers and many people in the department including professors, advisors, juniors and seniors. Students will take classes together in the first terms, such as:
Math 1650
Chemistry 1650/or 1550
EE 1850
Engr 1010

And in the second term:
Math 1660
Physics 2210
EE 1860

The students have opportunities to work with mentors, as well as help sessions for math and chemistry and physics. The learning community emphasis team work, group projects and group activities that will enhance students social and educational lives within the univeristy. Activites are encouraged, mentors are available but not mandatory.

Living Options

Students have the option to live-in with CprE learning community students in Friley Hall.

Signing up

To sign up for a residential learning community, simply select your learning community preference when filling out your Department of Residence contract in the Housing portal. You can go in and update or change your learning community preference information at any time up until the deadline without losing your “priority date.” You need to sign up after you take the math placement exam. Your academic advisor can sign you up.


Photo of Cy and Tina Prouty

Tina Prouty

Photo of Dr. Mani Mina

Dr. Mani Mina