Directions (Hospitality Management and Event Management)

Majors Eligible to Join

Hospitality Management and Event Management

Program Description

The Directions LC is for first year students majoring in Hospitality Management or Event Management. The LC focuses on creating a learning environment that enhances our freshmen students’ academic experience at ISU. Peer mentors serve as coordinators for academic and social activities. Several social and service learning events take place during the fall semester.

During the fall semester, students will take several common courses such as HDFS 1020, FSHN 1670, HSP M 1010, AESHM 1120/1130, and ENGL 1500.

Living Options


Signing up

First-year students majoring in Hospitality Management or Event Management will automatically become members of the Directions learning community. Sign up for the learning community course(s) takes place at summer orientation.


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Chad Reis