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Living in a learning community allows you to form long-lasting connections over not just proximity, but shared interests. From taking similar classes, grabbing a bite at the dining center, or just hanging out, being part of a learning community gives you an advantage both socially and academically."  -Nick Raap

Majors Eligible to Join

Open to all freshmen and transfer students with majors in the College of Design: Art and Design, Integrated Studio Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Community and Regional Planning.

Program Description

The Design Collaborative is a one-semester, non-residential learning community required for all first-year students enrolled in the College of Design, who are not enrolled in the Design Exchange. The Design Collaborative provides students with the opportunity to connect with both peers and faculty members during the semester. Participants expand their knowledge of the various disciplines offered by the College of Design as well as enhance their skills necessary to succeed as design students.

Living Options


Signing up

You will register for the learning community at summer orientation, if you are a freshman, and at transfer orientation if you are a transfer student.


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Malinda Cooper

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