Chemical Engineering Upper-Division

Majors Eligible to Join

Chemical Engineering majors enrolling in ChE 325 and English 314.

Program Description

The Chemical Engineering & Technical Communication learning community links two of our junior-level courses: Engl 314 – Technical Communication and ChE 325 – Chemical Engineering Lab 1. This links allows for assignments to be coordinated between the two classes and provides in-depth instruction on how to write technical lab reports.

A student peer mentor, who has previously completed both courses successfully, will assist learning community members with report format requirements. This peer mentor must be capable of evaluating reports from the perspective of style requirements and clarity to ensure students are receiving a consistent message from both courses. In this format, student motivation and performance has improved by the very evident connection between report writing in principle and in the context of conveying their own results.

Living Options


Signing up

Sign up will take place during Registration. Please ask your adviser for details.

Registering for the learning community will allow you to register for the reserved sections of English 314.  Registration for the learning community is by using a Reference number, which can be obtained from CBE Department Advisers.  The learning community must be the first course entered onto your schedule to allow you to add the appropriate English 314 section.  If any course is entered before the learning community, you will not be allowed to add the learning community section of English 314.  Any courses on your schedule prior to enrolling in the learning community will need to be removed from your schedule, then enroll in the learning community, continue enrollment in the semester’s courses.  Registering for the learning community does not automatically enroll you in English 314 or in ChE 325; you must add these courses separately.


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