Chemical Engineering Transfer

"Student’s should join the learning community to help learn the resources available to them and help build connections with other transfer students in their major.” -Janessa Boley

Majors Eligible to Join

New Chemical Engineering transfer students are eligible to join.

Program Description

The Chemical Engineering academic learning community has been developed to create a sense of connection between transfer students in the department. Through this learning community experience, students will explore their major and career goals while also gaining exposure to the various areas of industry and research that are available to them upon graduation. Focus will also be placed on developing awareness of resources, integration into Iowa State’s campus, and opportunities for growth and advancement through discussions and activities throughout the learning community seminar. Campus exploration will also occur through a variety of experiences including a semester-long group project, interaction with faculty members in the department, and advice from peer mentors who were transfer students themselves.

In addition, members of the academic learning community will create a culture of connection and collaboration through clustered coursework. 

Living Options


Signing up

Students will have an opportunity to register for this learning community during Orientation.


Dee Hehr

Matt Brown