BUILD (Building Up Inclusive Leadership in Design)

"Being able to come together as a community and create genuine, authentic connections with new faces that can easily become friends, and getting to freely explore new and impactful experiences as a young adult. A better question would be why shouldn’t a student join a learning community? It provides a plethora of opportunities that will advance and continue to open doors and foster personal growth and development for years to come." Mohamed

Majors Eligible to Join

All first-year and transferring BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ are eligible to join.

Program Description

BUILD is designed to support incoming multicultural students in the successful transition and completion of the Design Core program.  
First-year students are paired with an upper-class student (mentor) in their intended major. 
Students develop academic, co-curricular, social, and professional connections beyond the studio.

Benefits of BUILD:

  • Peer mentors working one-on-one to help you successfully complete the Design Core program.  
  • Fun monthly social events to build community and strong connections. 
  • Meet twice a month with your mentor to discuss academic and social connections. 
  • Learn the basic software and programs need for the various majors. 
  • Building a strong network of peers to support you through your academic journey.

Living Options

No residential options affiliated with the program.

Signing up

Contact Jareal Madyun at to learn more about the program and how to get involved.


Jareal Madyun

Ani Das