Majors Eligible to Join

Students majoring in Biochemistry within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), including the Research and Biotechnology, Pre-Medicine, and Biophysics focus options. All students exploring futures in the biosciences are also welcome.

Program Description

The Biochemistry Learning Community introduces first-year students to the academics, careers, and community of the Biochemistry majors. Peer mentors work with incoming students to build connections to academic resources, research opportunities, and the professors and students of the Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology (BBMB) department.

Peer mentors guide team-based discussions about degree requirements, support services, scholarships, and research opportunities. Learning Community members will formulate a personalized four-year plan to complete a Biochemistry degree customized to support future career goals.

The Learning Community nucleates the Biochemistry community, connecting students with peer mentors, professors, support staff, and researchers. We highlight student research opportunities, internships, and leadership activities. Lab tours introduce new students to university research scope and infrastructure. BBMB professors visit to share about their journeys in teaching and research.

Learning Community members explore the diversity of careers available with the analytical and problem-solving skills developed throughout the Biochemistry degree plans. Professors and alumni visit to discuss career prospects in biotechnology, medicine, bioengineering, science communication, and beyond. We outline the prospects of starting a science career after earning a B.S. degree or pursing further training in graduate or medical school. We reflect on science as a global community and celebrate broadly accessible science communication and outreach.

Living Options


Signing up

Incoming students enroll in BBMB 1100 during summer orientation. The Biochemistry Learning Community continues into the spring semester with BBMB 1110.


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