Agriculture Exploration

Majors Eligible to Join

New Agriculture Exploration students are eligible to join. 

Program Description

The Agriculture Exploration academic learning community is designed to create a sense of community between new students in the program. All new, incoming freshmen and transfer students majoring in Agriculture Exploration are automatically enrolled in our Agriculture Exploration Learning Community and all take a common required course, Orientation to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Within our Learning Community, 8-10 students are assigned to a peer mentor, and one hour a week will be dedicated for student-peer mentor activities.  These activities include: building resumes and cover letters, learning resources on campus and many other professional development activities! This interactive Learning Community is designed to provide a smooth transition to new students to ISU.

Living Options

Our Learning Community does not have living options.  Students can, however, join another Learning Community such as WiSE or ACES, that does have living arrangement options related to their major.  

Signing up

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are automatically enrolled in AgEds 110C: Orientation to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, upon arrival for their their first semester at Iowa State University.  


Howard Tyler