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"Being involved in a learning community has been an incredibly beneficial experience as it introduced me to some of my closest friends in college, assimilated me with being a college student, and opened many new doors for my adventure at ISU. My successes and accomplishments would not be near as far as they are today without the knowledge and connections I developed from my learning community." -Ryan
"For me, the best part about being involved in a learning community is the relationships gained. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences seems large and can often be terrifying to new students. Being a part of a learning community or "team" as we like to call it, allows you to meet familiar faces and have an upperclassman student who can guide you in the right direction and answer questions you may have. I love seeing students involved in my learning team around campus, and following their successes within clubs, classes, and with new obstacles such as job interviews and internships. Being involved in a learning community is a great learning experience and I am grateful to grow as a peer mentor and a leader." -Megan

Majors Eligible to Join

Agricultural Business and Economics

Program Description

The Agricultural Business Learning Community is for first-year students majoring in Agricultural Business. Members of the Ag Bus Learning Community are divided into 4-5 Teams of 18-20 students, with one Team composed of transfer students. Each Learning Team takes 4-5 classes together (normally Econ 101 and 110, English Composition and Mathematics). Some of these courses allow for curricular connections and opportunities for Supplemental Instruction and tutoring. The Ag Business Learning Community is not a residential Community but students are able to participate, concurrently, in other university residential Learning Communities such as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ACES Learning Community. Each Ag Business Learning Team is assigned 1-2 upper class students who serve as peer mentors. Peer Mentors meet with Learning Team students twice a week during fall semester and also coordinate a variety of programs and interactive activities to help bring students and faculty together.

The general goals and objectives of the Agricultural Business Learning Community are to provide opportunities for structured and frequent interaction among first year students, and with faculty and staff in the department; provide opportunities for students to work cooperatively and productively with others including upper level students; help facilitate student’s transition to ISU through targeted activities and programs; help students gain and refine academic proficiencies through linked courses, develop career interests, and adapt more easily to college life while networking with businesses, professors, and most importantly peers. Thus, the Agricultural Business Learning Community is designed to provide new students with the best experience to help them succeed both academically and socially at ISU.

Living Options

Agricultural Business Learning Community members can concurrently belong to the College of Ag ACES Learning Community, which provides a residential living option.

Signing up

All Agricultural Business and Economics Majors will be given an opportunity to sign up for a Learning Team during summer orientation or at the time they sign up for fall semester classes.


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