Majors Eligible to Join

First-year students majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication

Program Description

This learning community serves first-year students who plan to major in journalism and mass communications. It will help them become better consumers and creators of news, and it will promote connections with other students in the major, as well as with faculty and staff in the Greenlee School. A second learning community in the Greenlee School serves students planning to major in advertising or public relations, and the two Greenlee learning communities will have opportunities to interact, especially through social events.

All students will be enrolled in a section of JL MC 110 set aside for the learning community. Most will also find themselves in class together in JL MC 240.

This learning community will also introduce participants to opportunities for working with student media, clubs, and other organizations that will foster and showcase their skills during their time in the Greenlee School.

Living Options


Signing up

Students will sign up during Orientation.


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Brenda Witherspoon

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